The People Development Company

Enabling Progressive leadership,

unparalleled teams and inclusive

workplaces in growth organisations

It’s a constant challenge, to drive the growth of the business and your people!

You understand people are critical to your success but traditional learning programmes pull your people away from the day job for too long, with too little real behavioural change.

Your fast growth strategy means your culture is constantly shifting. Something needs to be done, but it needs to be time savvy, impactful and not cost the earth.

We design transformative learning experiences for how your business really works enabling the behaviours it really needs.

What We Do

Equity, Diversity,

and Inclusion (EDI)

Changing the story in corporate workplaces

Leadership &


Creating Leaders through

drama and play

Bringing People


Inter and intra team


How We Do It

We create stories, whether it be in lego play, through logical connections, behaviours in colour energies, or empathy and trust in theatre based events.

A powerful narrative or connection helps us focus and retain information long after we have forgotten a list of facts – a story lights up the parts of the brain connected to experience which in the workplace ignites change.

All programmes are designed for your story, and is told how you need to tell it.

Awareness of Self and impact on others

Professional actors in real-life case studies

Voce Webinars & Panels

Use language voice body and senses

Organisational application and learning

The Voce Radio Show

Voce eBooks and Audio

Participants direct the actors and shape the outcomes

Lego play

Founder and Principal – Angelina Rizza

The secret to successful change lies in your people. Angelina works with organisations to raise awareness and educate, building trust to uncover what is “really going on” under the surface and deliver a programme of unforgettable experiential learning.

Abundant in creative energy, warmth, and flexibility, she engages fully with leadership and workforce at all levels, enabling “brave conversations” around organisational and behavioural change, driving impactful results in collaboration, trust and productivity.

Angelina brings 30 years of business transformation to play , liberating the brilliance in your people so that your organisation can thrive along with your workforce.

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